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Plan Check Comment Information
Project Number: 07042588
Address: 1717 BISSONNET ST

2/13/09 Driveway Permit Comments from City Engineer, Mark L. Loethen, P.E.
Plans were resubmitted following comments from City Engineer on 9/29/08.
Resubmitted plan set on 1/27/09 includes revisions by applicant to plan sets
previously rejected and a new Traffic Impact Analysis (TIA) dated January
Following comments are provided regarding latest plan submittal and should be
1. Site Plan has been revised to reflect gated emergency access driveway
to Ashby. All other entering/exiting traffic is proposed via a single
driveway to Bissonnet.
2. Conflicts in drawing set exist between revised Site Plan A001 and the
following drawings:
a. G005 Code Plan
b. C102-C105 Driveway, Grading, Drainage and Stormwater Quality
Following comments are provided regarding January 2009 TIA and should be
1. No site plan was included with the TIA to support the analysis.
2. Synchro output and capacity data for the Bissonnet driveway is not
included in the appendix as indicated in the text of the report.
3. No AM peak analysis was presented nor explanation regarding its
omission from the study.
4. Provide a figure in report that shows the trips generated at each
intersection and driveway in the analysis.
5. Provide reference to support statement (Pg 12) that HCM (Highway
Capacity Manual) recommends using simulation to evaluate unsignalized
6. Queue data needs to be provided in the TIA. Sim Traffic output in
appendix shows 95th queue of 244 feet for EBL from Bisssonnet to Dunlavy and
a 95th queue of 225 feet for WBL from Bissonnet into project driveway.
Report indicates distance between proposed driveway and Dunlavy intersection
of 250 feet. How will Bissonnet be able to support simultaneous stacking in
same area?
7. Trip Generation calculations indicate 10 trips for 6,700 sf of Office
Space which is equivalent to 670 sf per employee. Is this realistic for
Houston office market?
8. Trip Generation calculations indicate 184 PM peak hour trips
(entering and exiting) for 231 residential units. Based upon split in
report, 98 entering and 86 exiting vehicles. Is this application of ITE
rates realistic for Houston housing market?
9. ITE Trip Generation tables provide recommended procedures for
estimating trip generation. Please review your calculations to ensure that
rates and data are applicable for the proposed project site.